A24 Picks Up Hazbin Hotel

3 min readAug 8, 2020

Earlier this week via Hazbin Hotel creator Vivienne Medrano’s Twitter, the show-runner put out the following message:

Throughout the week, fans of the pilot for both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss, as well as VivziePop’s earlier creation Zoophobia expressed excitement and speculated on what the news could be. Some theorized that Adult Swim had greenlit the project and that we would get to see the series on TV by October. And a handful of people cautioned to keep expectations low on what the news will turn out to be.

Personally speaking, I was hoping to hear that the team had been working all year on both series and that a batch of episodes would get released once more on YouTube for October and that the project could survive solely on Patreon donations. This was, of course, an unrealistic expectation and not entirely in the best interest of the team. But the reason I was hoping for this is that I and many others adore this project so much and would love it to be kept as independent and studio-interference free as much as possible. The reason being, I believe in Vivienne’s vision.

I love animated adult comedies, but one grows weary of animated sit-coms about the same nuclear family. In contrast, it’s just a breath of fresh air to see characters my age without families all over the LGBT spectrum. At some point during this Millenia what VivziePop is trying to achieve I don’t think would have been possible, there would have been compromise as well as the risk on cancellation. So I’m glad the news has nothing to do with Netflix.

Yesterday everyone received the news that A24 had picked up Hazbin Hotel for distribution. And this is a big deal.

I have a feeling that VivziePop was determined not to partner up with a company that would not respect her creative decisions. She has made herself clear at Q&As that there is a plan for the story, and a lot of minor details have been thought through.

A24 is kind of perfect for Hazbin Hotel because historically, they have pushed for projects that have struck an excellent balance of mainstream appeal and auteurism.