Hazbin Hotel Episode 5: I laughed hard this time

6 min readJan 26, 2024


I’m glad to say that this was by far the funniest episode of Hazbin Hotel. In my previous post, I said that I was finding the comedic dialogue a bit weak, unfortunately, and that I was pretty much only quoting the music so far. 🎶 You’re a power bottom at rock bottom, but you’ve got company 🎶. But this time, with the introduction of Lucifer himself, his monologuing and dialoguing caused me to laugh out loud three times. Also Vaggie said something funny before his intro.

The first laugh I had was when Lucifer got a call from his daughter Charlie, and after flusteredly going through a few standard ways to answer that call, he instead blurted out, “Hey bitch!” like they’re totally besties. And he does it confidently with his whole body! To me, that was so funny that I immediately replayed that sequence and laughed again, which I’ve counted as 0.5 of my three laughs.

My second laugh was when Lucifer, ecstatic to be invited over by Charlie, pointed at one of his MANY rubber ducks and declared, “Take that depression!” Granted, I think Jeremy Jordan’s delivery supported this, but either way, I felt that. Also, the meaning of the rubber ducks makes this scene even funnier, especially in retrospect. See, the ducks aren’t just this random and silly prop; they at first represent his…