Hazbin Hotel Episode 7: Plot vs Story with Charlie and Vaggie

3 min readFeb 2, 2024


This episode follows the aftermath of Charlie’s revelation that her girlfriend Vaggie is an angel, something which Vaggie kept secret. This results in the two being apart for the day as they follow through on their obligations to prep the hotel for extermination day.

I want to point out that while ‘plot’ and ‘story’ are used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

The plot is the physical journey, and the story is the emotional journey.

In the case of Charlie, her physical journey is to seek aid from the residents of Cannibal Town to defend the hotel in exchange for the leftover angel flesh. Yuck.

But her emotional journey is coming to terms with her girlfriend, Vaggie. Charlie expresses frustration that she is open about everything, understanding, and easygoing. Yet, it seemingly wasn’t enough for Vaggie not to keep a secret during their three-year relationship.

What I really like is how a plot element, in this case, the episode’s titular Rosie (Alastor’s fellow Overlord and leader of Cannibal Town), is what helps resolve the story as Rosie offers some perspective that has Charlie come to a new understanding about Vaggie. And, by extension, reaffirms her belief in redemption.

Vaggie’s plot is to seek out Carmilla Carmine and find out how she killed an angel so that they can have a chance to fight back.

Vaggie’s story, however, is about having her convictions challenged and reframed by Carmilla.

Carmilla explains that she was able to kill an exorcist by using reappropriated angelic weaponry. But in her song (which is spectacular, by the way), she says she was only able to win against the exorcists because of her love for her daughters, whom she was protecting (that’s her convictions), and cautions Vaggie against revenge and that only love will help her win.

I enjoy this conceptually, though I didn’t get much of an impression that Vaggie was grappling with revenge to the same degree Charlie was grappling with suspected dishonesty. (It is certainly never said who Vaggie is vengeful against, but if I had to guess, it probably would have been Adam). But…