Hazbin Hotel Episode 8: The first finale

8 min readFeb 8, 2024


For the reader’s convenience, I will discuss this episode in parts with titles for them to navigate to whichever topic interests them the most.

The action

While the final episode’s events were riveting, I was a little disappointed about the action scenes not reaching the same calibre as the creator’s other series, Helluva Boss. Though you could say, they made up for this with the characters’ battle outfits. I can say that the action scenes for Hazbin Hotel were at least more than competent, and some pretty effective cuts between fights amplified the intensity.

There’s this one moment where Adam is charging at Charlie and Lucifer, and Charlie punches Adam with a mysterious power. I’m a little annoyed by this because it came out of nowhere. There was no prior setup or foreshadowing about Charlie having this super-strength.

It brought to my mind something Bradon Sanderson was self-critical about at some point in his lectures on creative writing. He said that he resolved the story in his first published novel by giving his character a new power out of nowhere, meaning it felt unearned. If I recall correctly, he said he is gradually fixing this mistake with each new edition.

Luckily, the Hazbin Hotel writers had enough sense not to have this moment resolve the Adam problem as the action quickly shifts onto Lucifer ultimately defeating the villain, which was fitting.

Charlie’s power punch happens so quickly that none of the characters seemingly register it happening, and there’s a possibility audiences won’t notice it on the first watch. So, there is a case that this was the setup for the power and that a payoff is yet to come, but I still think there should have been prior hintings of this to have given this moment’s impact.


There’s one three-part joke involving Nifty.

Part one is before the battle starts, where she’s told to stab angels, which she misunderstands as stabbing Angel Dust (who is not an angel). Luckily, this is stopped.

Part two is during the battle where Nifty has moved up to knifing actual angels, but only the ones who are already dead…