Hazbin Hotel Episode 6: That twist

13 min readJan 30, 2024


Alright, so in this episode, we are reintroduced to the bloody legend that is Cherri Bomb! For the first time, with her Australian accent. As an Australian myself, let me first say that there are three primary Australian accents: broad, general and cultivated. Cherri is the third character in VivziePop’s animated creations to be portrayed with an Australian accent, along with Kayla and Mammon, and they are all portrayed with the broad accent. I feel slightly disappointed by that, and I know a friend of mine will be even more so than me when he eventually watches Hazbin. He speaks with a general accent. In my case, I speak with an international accent, which tends to confuse people. This isn’t to say that the broad accent doesn’t suit these characters; I’m just saying the broad accent tends to be the go-to when portraying Australians in pop culture. Sandy from Grease and the love interest from School of Scoundrels are the only two times I’ve experienced where the broad accent wasn’t implemented. Dr Chase from the TV series House is a rare example of an international Australian accent that is more toward the cultivated end.

Considering that Cherri is such a pub-basher with her personality, the broad accent makes sense as the pick, though a general one could have worked easily as well. I think some people might look at…