My Favourite Films From 2021

6 min readJan 22, 2022

So I want to talk about and share my favourite movies from 2021. That’s it – no beating around the bush.

Just a disclaimer I did not watch everything last year; in fact, I did not actively watch films last year because lockdowns got in the way. There were a lot of movies that I wanted to watch but just missed out on, such as The Green Knight, which I think I’m really going to like. As it is, I only saw ten films in 2021, and only eight of them are on this list because one of the movies I saw was Akira in 4K, so it doesn’t count, and Last Night in Soho was a film I had complicated feelings for.

Films that are probably very good that I probably should have watched: The Green Knight, Antlers, Evangelion 1.0+3.0 Thrice Upon A Time, Dawn Raid, The Suicide Squad, Annette, Candyman, Till Death, Army of the Dead, Malignant, 8-Bit Christmas.

I could have also gone to the Japanese Film festival in Sydney and seen The Deer King, but that plan did not pan out for me. But if it gets a proper theatrical release that will allow me to see it this year, I’ll count it as a 2022 film instead.

And yes, this is a ranked and personal top list. I am not making this list actively from an objective viewpoint though I am not trying to do the opposite either. The list is what it is, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. And more importantly, hopefully, you’ll find something you should watch.

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