Q-Force was fine

3 min readNov 5, 2021

Q-Force is an animated adult comedy about queer✨ spies. I’ve seen many people call this Family Guy for gays, and while that description somewhat makes sense, it undersells the show. Q-Force isn’t about a family after all. It’s about co-workers with a similar struggle, being queer✨ while working for the AIA (a stand in for the CIA). If anything, I’m surprised that few people described this show as the homosexual Archer.

However, unlike those particular series, Q-Force has well-written characters with interpersonal relationships that don’t rely on toxicity for shock entertainment.

It’s an exciting setup. The beloved trope of “found family” tends to lend itself to queer✨ stories very well, as many often don’t get accepted by immediate family. So that’s here. But at the same time, because that dynamic is taking place in a professional environment, a profession that they must keep to themselves brings up boundary issues. So there’s a tug-of-war.

The entire show is bonkers. The plot of the last episode is literally just the plot of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which eh can’t complain about since that’s one of my favourite movies. And also, they make up that CIA wiped memories are stored in the stiffness of your back, and if you get your back cracked, you’ll get your memories back.

My favourite character is Twink. I think it was because of Twink that people got offended by the show before it came out because he is a gei boi indeed. My personal favourite quote from him was, “I’m a femme top with a gun”. He’s also a drag queen and I found that his role as master of disguises was a clever choice for a spy show.

I’m not entirely sure why I think this, but I consider Twink the most masculine character in the show. Perhaps it was because while he was dressed as a woman Buck who was unbeknownst was impressed by his his more masculine qualities.

Speaking of Buck, there’s a scene where he talks about how he enjoys huffing his own farts because his logic is he enjoyed the food he ate; therefore, he is just enjoying it again. Twink is, of course, horrified by his presence in general, though that particular Monet did strike a cord with him, and yet later in the show he declares, “he is so big and so dumb. And one day I’m gonna top him”. Not sure if that was supposed to foreshadow…