Tower of God

jasonseacord 🇵🇸
6 min readNov 7, 2022

A bit late to the party, but I finally watched Tower of God. Yeah, I wasn’t going to have a Crunchyroll subscription so that I could watch Chainsaw Man weekly alone. I’m catching up on other stuff too.

First, why did I put off watching this series for so long? Well, I am very weary of hype culture, especially around anime, and at the time of its simulcast, there was a lot of that. And I don’t particularly appreciate getting caught up in that because I’m not too fond of hype dictating how I view a piece of media and making up my mind based on that and regretting it later.

The other reason was that there wasn’t an announcement for a second season when it finished airing, and the hype died down. That was the case until the trailer for an upcoming season dropped, renewing my interest in the series. And so I kept it in mind to watch when I would have my subscription up and running again, as Tower of God was Crunchyroll’s first original anime to drop.

Tower of God is an adaptation of the South Korean web manhwa created by S.I.U. and published on Webtoon. When the anime was coming out, the series had already been running for over ten years, and two years later, it’s still ongoing. And before that, while S.I.U. was serving military conscription, he created a ten-book prototype of Tower of God. As such, I have understandably heard some people compare his tenacity to the likes…